Country Road

No words can express how much I love the country. I was born in Mackay (which is about 1000km north of Brisbane), but my family home was situated about 10min north in a small township called Farleigh. You couldn’t exactly call it ‘the middle of nowhere’, but the sugar mill, cane paddocks and windmills all tell you that it’s not part of some big city.

After I finished my second year of university, I decided to move south to Brisbane to take part in cross-institutional study at another university. The city provides many wonderful things – there’s always something to see and do – but I always find myself missing the smell of the sugarcane and the rolling green fields.

So when I was on a short vacation in the Tweed Coast Hinterland, I was delighted by the scenery as we drove by. It didn’t quite have that sugarcane smell, but it certainly reminded me of home. That’s why I couldn’t wait to take these photos!

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