Lamington National Park

I can’t quite express how I felt when I climbed to the top of the large rock and found Elabana Falls. I’m pretty sure that my mouth just fell open and the words “Mother of God…” stumbled out.

We’d been walking for what seemed like hours through the lush rainforest of Lamington National Park. After stopping briefly to have a bite to eat at Picnic Rock, Jesse and I decided to head further down the pathway to see Elabana Falls. We’d never been there before, so you can imagine our disappointment when we reached the end of the track to find a pitiful view of a few boulders and a tiny waterfall.

“This is it?” I wondered.

After exploring the area a bit more thoroughly, Jesse found a large rock that was climbable.

“You need to come up here, Sam!” he yelled, after making his way up onto higher ground.

“Do I have to?” I shouted back, unenthusiastic.

“Yes! You have to see this!”

Sighing heavily, I wandered over to the rock and hoisted myself up. I’d barely even made it up onto the ledge when I saw what Jesse had been trying to show me. If only there was a full orchestra playing some ‘achievement unlocked’ music in the background! The falls started up near the Picnic Rock area and cascaded down into a pool of water, before making its way over the rocks towards the walking track. I just stood there in awe for a while, taking in the sight and letting it sink in. The most amazing part of it all was that there was not another soul there! Since the area was unoccupied, I was able to take my time photographing the beautiful environment.

So I guess the moral of the story is, explore the outdoors!

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