On Top of the World

I stopped.

I had hiked almost halfway up the side of Mount Mitchell and I didn’t think my legs could go any further. For an experienced, determined and fit hiker this track would be a breeze, but I was none of those things. My ears hurt, my back was aching and my feet had fresh blisters. Can I even do this? I thought to myself.

Hiking was never going to be easy for me. I had never been good at sports and I couldn’t understand why people would purposefully get hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. Yet there I was, being exactly that.

The longer I stood there, the more negative thoughts crept into my mind. Hiking was never going to be for you anyway. You don’t like this. You like sitting on the couch, reading magazines and browsing the internet. My willpower began to falter.

But then I looked out beyond the walking track and saw how high up I was. I turned around to focus on the path behind me. I’d already gone so far, was I really going to turn back now? I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. No, I’d come all this way to climb a damn mountain, so I was going to climb a damn mountain. I forced my legs forward and started to walk up the track once more.

The feeling I had when I reached the summit was incredible. The view was amazing, but it was nothing compared to the satisfaction of getting to the top. I had to pushed myself to the limit and had made it! And so, my hiking adventures continued.

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