Taronga Zoo

I think the thing that I like most about posting my photographs on my blog is that I get to look back at them long after they’ve been taken. It’s not just the feeling of accomplishment that I like, but the nostalgia that wraps itself around every photo.

Whenever I see a photo that I’ve taken, I don’t just remember the subject, or the environment I was in. There’s a whole story behind it.

For these photos that I took at Taronga, I remember the pain and suffering my feet were experiencing from wearing the wrong shoes. Even though my feet were in agony, I refused to let it ruin my day at the zoo. I had waited for so long to be able to visit the animals and I wasn’t going to let a few (ok, maybe several) blisters prevent me from living out my dream!

Even if the memories were slightly more ‘painful’ than I would have liked, I’m still glad my photos allow me to remember such details. In any case, at least I’ve learnt the importance of a comfortable pair of shoes!

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