Chinese Garden of Friendship

When my sister mentioned that she wanted to visit the ‘Chinese Garden of Friendship’ when we were in Sydney, I was a little concerned photography-wise. I only had room for two lenses when I packed, and I’d brought my telephoto lens (55-200mm) for the zoo, and my wide angle (10-20mm) for landscapes. Unfortunately, I hadn’t even considered the possibility of flora photography.

Although I had my concerns, being restricted with my focal length meant that I had to get really creative with my photography at the gardens. Getting right up close to the flowers and plants with my wide angle gave a really strange and interesting effect, so at the end of the day I was glad that I had the limitation.

I guess the main thing I learned from the whole experience was that you should never worry too much about the lenses you take with you on holidays. Sure, if you’re travelling to a specific event and it’s your prime photography goal by all means, pack a specialty lens. But remember, it’s unrealistic to pack all of your lenses when you travel. Unless you’re going away with your camera for work, I suggest you pick a couple of lenses and just embrace the challenge.

Besides, do you really want to lug all your lenses around? I sure don’t!

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