The Beginning. The Middle. The End.

Welcome to my very first music post! It’s been a very long road, but I’ve finally set aside the time to finish my first instrumental piece for the blog, called ‘The Beginning. The Middle. The End.’

I wanted to write a song that utilised the ridiculously beautiful sound of Imperfect Samples‘ ‘Ebony Concert Grand’ VST, so I started with a simple piano melody. After writing the first section of the piece, I then composed the middle of the song, adding in a strong string section to build and evolve the composition. Finally, I wanted to conclude the piece with a sombre tone, really emphasising gorgeous piano sound.

The Beginning. The Middle. The End. - Screenshot

After completing the song, I discovered that it had a distinct beginning, middle and end – hence the chosen title.

I used a combination of Imperfect Samples, Garritan Personal Orchestra and Logic’s own VSTs.

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