Belle de Art

When people asked me what I was most looking forward to seeing in Paris, I would exclaim, “The Eiffel Tower!” I thought it would be my favourite part of Paris. Oh, how I was wrong…

When we arrived at the Eiffel Tower, it was overrun with tourists. You couldn’t move anywhere without running into a hawker. It wasn’t pleasant. I tried my best to look up and appreciate the design, but all I could see was hunk of metal. There was no life or emotion – it just looked like scaffolding. I left a little disappointed.

The Arc de Triomphe on the other hand, was a completely different story. Yes, the tourists were in full force (as you’d expect), but when I stood and admired the intricate details of the monument, I felt like I was looking at something really special. The reliefs told a story, and the delicately crafted sculptures breathed emotions. I was utterly blown away.

Although the Eiffel Tower may be the more iconic monument, I loved the Arc de Triomphe much, much more. Don’t get me wrong; I still smiled uncontrollably every time I got a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower. It’s just now I feel like it’s best admired from a safe distance.

Until next time, au revoir!


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