Lost in Venice – Part 2

Since this will be my last post about Venice, I thought I’d share a few tips.

1. Avoid travelling to Venice in summer.
Not only is it extremely hot and crowded, but the canals do smell worse in the hotter months. It tends to dampen the romantic atmosphere!

2. Look for unique souvenirs.
You’ll find two types of shops in Venice. Glass shops and mask shops. Ok, there’s more variety than that, but anyone who has travelled to Venice before knows that every second shop sells the same souvenirs. My advice? Hunt around a little to find one-of-a-kind stores that sell special gifts.

3. Avoid the hawkers and beggars.
As with any popular European city, you’ll find hawkers and beggars in abundance. Hawkers tend to congregate in Saint Mark’s Square at night and around ferry stops during the day. Don’t feel bad about saying ‘no’ to these people!

4. Try the gelato.
With so many delicious flavours, what’s not to love? Try to find gelato shops away from the big tourist areas, as they’re noticeably cheaper.

5. Take a boat ride.
Everyone Almost everyone wants to have the ‘floating in a gondola down the canals’ experience in Venice. If you’re completely sold on the idea, try going during the day when the fares are cheaper. However, for those wanting to experience it like the locals, take a ferry instead and enjoy the beautiful gondola singers (that someone else has paid for) from the sidelines!

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Next on the list is Florence, so check back soon!

Until next time, arrivederci!

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