Becoming an Explorer

Greece is one of my favourite destinations in the world. It’s got the perfect mixture of good food, friendly people and beautiful scenery. Our first stop in Greece was Athens, which was very exciting because I love history and architecture. I don’t think any trip to Athens would be complete without heading up to the Acropolis for a good look at the ruins – especially the Parthenon.

When I was wandering around the Acropolis, I thought about Greek mythology and how it plays a major role in Greek history and art. I love the fact that the Greek gods had such human qualities, which makes them easier to identify with. You’ll find the Old Temple of Athena if you explore the Acropolis, which is just one of the temples dedicated to the Greek gods.

In conclusion, I definitely recommend that you check out the ruins in Greece. Not only will you learn a lot about the history of this great country, but you’ll also feel like an explorer! It’s always fun to pretend you’re the one discovering the ruins for the first time (even when you’re surrounded by one hundred other people).

Until next time, αντίο!

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