The Day of Adventure

When our airplane descended down to Santorini, I could barely contain my excitement. It may not have the beautiful sandy beaches that some of the other Greek islands posses, but the stunning scenery, wonderful people and gorgeous weather is to die for.

Once we’d settled into our accommodation (which was amazing by the way), our wonderful concierge Pavlos asked if we’d like to organise any activities around the island. After we discovered one of the options was renting a quad bike, we jumped at the opportunity. The next day, the rental company picked us up and before we knew it we had the keys to the quad, helmets and a sense of adventure.

Pavlos had given us a map of the island before we headed out for the day and had offered us some advice on places to visit. The best thing about renting a quad bike on an island as small as Santorini is that the entire island becomes accessible to you at your own pace. Parking was simple enough and navigating the streets was easier than expected.

Our first stop was the Red Beach. After fuelling up, we headed to the south of the island, learning how to handle the quad as we went. Once we had arrived at the Red Beach, we took a bit of a look around. We were careful not to wander down to the beach as we were told by Pavlos that falling rocks were common and had hurt people in the past. Instead, we admired the sight from afar.

We jumped back on the bike to visit the most southwest point of the island. Since Santorini is a crescent shape, this spot had a fantastic view of the island. There’s also an interesting lighthouse there, which made for some awesome photos. Overall, it was a great start to an amazing day!

That’s all for now! Until next time, αντίο!

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