Perissa and Ancient Thira

After making a quick stop for lunch, Jesse and I decided to check out the beach at Perissa. It was easy to park the quad bike on the side of the road and soon we were hitting the beach… well, a black, rocky beach. What can you expect really – Santorini is just the rim of a gigantic sunken volcano! Although we didn’t rush to put on our swimmers and roll around in the pebbly sand, we did however take a good look around and admire the scenery. Even though the beaches on Santorini aren’t picturesque with beautiful white sand, they are still fun to visit!

We jumped back on the quad and started heading towards Oia (which is of course the postcard-perfect village that we all adore). However on our way north, we spotted a sign that read ‘Ancient Thira.’ Of course being a little on the adventurous side, we were quite intrigued and followed the sign to the foot of a mountain. Here we found a hiking trail that we couldn’t pass up, so we locked up the quad and started our ascent.

The hike wasn’t easy, especially for me since at this point in time I wasn’t exactly on the ‘fit’ side. I struggled to find the motivation to keep myself going, but turning back just wasn’t an option (it never is!) Eventually, we made it to the top! Unfortunately the ruins were closed by the time we got there, but the views were amazing. The wind was strong and I was cold and tired, but it was worth all the effort.

Then it was just a matter of making our way back down to the quad and continuing our adventure. Until next time, αντίο!

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