The Sun Sets

Well, I’ve come to my last post for 2014. I leave for Japan on Saturday, so I won’t be posting anything until the new year. This has been a fantastic year for me and I’m looking forward to all of the great moments that are coming up in 2015 (my wedding especially!) So here it is, the conclusion to my 2014 European adventure…

After getting back to the quad, Jesse and I decided to end our day in Oia. Oia is a village on the northern end of Santorini and is known to be a beautiful spot to see the sunset. We took an involuntary detour through Imerovigli (in other words we got lost) but eventually we made it to Oia and found a paid car park to safely leave the quad bike.

We roamed the streets of Oia for some time, admiring the little shops and cafés along the way. I found the souvenir shops on Santorini to be quite diverse and filled with great stuff. I ended up buying a small wooden box with a painting of Oia on it. When I saw it, it made me feel calm and peaceful, so I knew it would remind me of happy memories after I’d gotten home.

Jesse and I found a quiet restaurant to eat at as sun slowly began its descent into the ocean. The restaurant had good food and friendly staff – everything that you want when you’re eating out. Once we’d finished dining, we headed back to the quad and drove back along the scenic route to our accommodation. At this point the sun had almost disappeared into the water and it created the most beautiful colours in the sky. It was an absolutely magical experience to be sitting on the back of a quad bike, the wind in my hair and the sky slowly turning dark.

I’ll never forget that day and the time we spent in Europe this year. It was an insanely amazing holiday and I can’t wait to go travelling there again soon. Next I’m off to Japan, but in September next year I’ll be getting married in Italy so I’m sure to have plenty more travel photos to share with you all.

Until next time, αντίο, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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